Data Processing FAQ

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be found here:

Personal Data We Collect

During the creation process of a DQ Account, we collect and store your email address. We use this to avoid duplicates and to validate your identity.

If you opt to play in Battle Arena, we collect and store your user name. We use this to identify you to other players and is shown on the leaderboards.

If you opt to join our mailing list, we collect and store your email address. We use this to email you updates from our company and do not share it with any unauthorized third parties.

Personal Data Lifetime

We will automatically delete stale accounts and the accompanying personal data after four (4) years of inactivity. To mark your account active, please upload or download your data within the four year window.


Please email us at to:

We will respond to all data processing requests within 30 days.

Third Parties

We use Linode to host our servers:

Linode Terms Of Service:

Linode Privacy Policy:

We use Google Admob to provide mobile advertising:

Google Admob Policies:

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